Signed Bookplates

If you're based outside of South Africa, it's easier and cheaper for you to order your books from an online store like Amazon or Barnes & Noble or The Book Depository. If you've done that, but you'd like your books to be signed, Rachel can send you a signed, personalized bookplate sticker for each of your books. (Scroll down to find out how.)


Rachel Morgan Bookplate Sticker


How do I get my bookplate sticker(s)?

  1. Forward the order confirmation email for each of your paperback books to
  2. Title your email subject "Bookplate order"
  3. Include your mailing address and the name of the person you'd like the bookplate signed to.


Why can't I get free stickers without actually buying the paperbacks?

It costs us to package and send the stickers to you, so we offer this free service only to readers who've bought the paperbacks.